Light and Luminaires for Individualists

Natural materials, Innovative technology, Timeless design

n o u n products develops and manufactures high-quality luminaires and lighting solutions. The products are mass-produced, with formative elements created by traditional craftsmen. The symbiosis of contemporary design, innovative manufacturing technology and sensitive craftsmanship creates design objects of high quality with individual character.


Filigree craftsmanship with a Far Eastern touch

At Kumiko, a clear line with filigree mouldings is inspired by Japanese wood art. The diffuse lighting effect also creates a typical Japanese atmosphere. The material used is real wood or alternatively solid surface. The light intensity of up to 4,050lm even enables the efficient illumination of hotel rooms, offices and dining rooms.

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Simple elegance with emotional effect

puro plays virtuosically with the special Luminescence of natural minerals and converts the one milled from one piece luminaire body in connection with the ’dim-to-warm' LED technology in a mystical Enlightenment.

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Light and sound from natural stone

The LumiRock Light & Sound Panels offer lighting designers and interior designers new possibilities for individual visual and sound staging of rooms and surfaces.

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Paintings created by nature

Witnesses of prehistoric times put their history in a new light

For the LumiRock Art Edition, particularly aesthetic “highlights” are selected individually from the different decorations, which stand out for this exclusive edition by special patterns and the shape and colouring of the stone structure. Valuable unique pieces, created by evolution and elegantly framed as a luminous relief.

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Nomination for Shop of the Year 2022

New cooperation with MORITZ PROELL DESIGN

Successful design fair in Vienna

LumiRock Art Edition is presented in its own web gallery